Are technical matters consuming all your time? 

I let you spend time on your core business again

Are technical matters consuming all your time? Frustrated by delays and miscommunication?

Would you prefer to leave the technical work to a professional who can follow your creative brain and think along with you?

Then you should be with me. Danielle Steman, nice to meet you.

I am your digital right hand and I help you with digital solutions for important parts of your creative process and your business operations.

This is what I can do for you:

pattern development

Hand over the boring part to an expert and focus on what you do best, designing beautiful clothes.

Digital sampling

Speed up your time to market, save your money and set huge sustainable steps with digital samples.

Remote tailoring

Offer your customers the luxury of tailor-made but leave the labor-intensive manual work behind.

advice & training

Increase your skills with a hands-on training or follow an online course in your own time and pace.

Why would you work with me?

There are plenty of others out there who can also make patterns. Just google on “pattern maker”, “pattern development” or “make clothing samples” and you have plenty of choice.

But why would you choose me anyway?

As a designer with a technical tic (or techie with a fashion tic, that is also possible) I understand exactly what you encounter.

I’ve been making clothes for almost 40 years, so by now I know what can and cannot be done.

I know a lot about fitting (I can write a book about it if there were more than 24 hours in a day).

Due to my technical background I have an excellent 3D insight and I am super handy with CAD programs.

Sustainability is extremely important to me. This is the reason to invest heavily in 3D software and thus make the clothing industry a little bit more sustainable and less destructive. Because it is quite clear by now that the current model doesn’t work anymore.

What others say:

…Working with Danielle is really super easy (and a lot of fun). She is very knowledgeable and quickly understands what you want to achieve…

Katja van 't Hof

…Danielle has spared no effort to make the jackets completely to my… Read more “Fitting jackets in every way”

Hilde Verdijk

…Danielle is so accurate in her work, she thinks out of the box and is so helpful throughout the whole process. I cannot wait to work with her again on a next project…

Lynsey Dikmans

…Danielle loves technology and you can see that in her clothing; it is well put together and she pays attention to the smallest details…

Petra Hofman

…Danielle listens to my questions and ideas and she has put a lot of effort into achieving the perfect result for me…

Margriet Schefman

…Danielle delivers craftsmanship and she is very enthusiastic and creative and she really looks at what you want as a customer…


…Danielle is a pleasure to work with, she understands her profession and thinks along with you…

Kim Heijster

How did I get here?

When it comes to “important” things I have always been a bit nonconforming; I choose a practical education (technical mind you) instead of going to university, I have never been married and I have no children.

And then in 2016 I quit my well-paid job to “do something in fashion”. Something to do with whining on the couch, depression and choosing for yourself (I can recommend you by the way, but preferably without depression :-))

But then what? It was obvious to work as a tailor, after all I also have a tailors diploma.

And so it happened …

… And then you find out that sitting behind a sewing machine for 40 hours a week for work is something different than making a nice dress in your spare time.

And the nerd in me missed the technical work too. Digital pattern drawing (I soon abandoned the manual work) is much more fun than sewing.

Meanwhile, the pattern drawing has escalated a bit out of control. Photo module here, 3d module there. I can do something with that…

It had to be pointed out to me, but that “something” turned out to fit together very nicely and even more was possible than expected. As a result, I now only offer digital pattern related services.

Furthermore, some useless facts

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So what do you think?

Am I your go to girl or not? If you think, yes I would like to get acquainted with her, contact me by phone, whatsapp or mail. Do you think, no, I don’t believe we have a match. Also fine, good friends anyway. In that case, goodbye. Do you think, not now, but interesting for later, then sign up for my newsletter. greetings Danielle

Are you an emerging designer without a clue where to start producing your designs ?

Then I have something for you