street art expressing frustration with usual sampling proces instead of digital 3d sampling

Digital 3d sampling: The new way to create prototypes

Stomach pain from your samples?

No worries, this is no longer the case with my digital 3d sampling service: what you see is what you get.

Of course you want to know what your designs will look like in real life before you send you production order to the factory.

And thus, you need to make samples or have them made.

The eternal problem with real samples

Here you go again… As an experienced designer you may have already experienced it, after calling 12 times and with a 3-week delay, the parcel deliverer is finally on your doorstep with a large box.

Exciting: your samples are here!

Until you open the box and tears almost burst into your eyes. This is not what you had in mind.

Shit, panic!

You really can’t use this right now. Even more delay. While production should actually be started next week.

Sure, you’ll pay again for new samples. Do they think the money is growing on your back?

And also very sustainable, producing for the waste mountain…

Rather make it yourself?

Well, that can be a solution for one or two samples. But a whole collection? Where are you going to get the time?

And maybe the motivation too?

What if the whole process was a little less frustrating?

What if you have more control over the process? What if everything is done much faster and more efficient?

How nice would it be if you:

So that:

I have the solution for you: digital 3d sampling

Instead of going back and forth, I make sure that your sample collection is available with a much shorter lead time.

In about three weeks you will have a sample collection that accurately reflects your vision.

And you will work with a professional who speaks your language, someone who has been making clothes for almost 40 years, with a technical background and who has extensive experience with CAD programs and drawing patterns.

And that’s not all.

The benefits of digital 3D sampling:

I am not the only one who is excited about the possibilities of digital 3D sampling.

Pleasantly surprised

I am pleasantly surprised how beautiful and insightful 3D samples are! What a difference this makes in time and costs compared to making physical samples. Danielle is a pleasure to work with, she understands her profession and thinks along with you.

Kim Heijster

This is how it works: your digital 3d samples in 3 steps

We get to work based on your rough sketches, detailed technical drawing or draped model.

Intake & preparation

Well begun is half done: we start with a thorough analysis of your designs. So that I get a good idea of ​​your designs and we are not faced with surprises later on.

For example, we look at materials, sizes & proportions and technical (im)possibilities.

It does not matter how you deliver your designs, a rough sketch, a detailed technical drawing or a draped model.

I can advise you on:

Digital 3d samples development

After the analysis, I get to work on the development of the 3d samples:

If I have any questions in the meantime, I will of course contact you to discuss matters. But otherwise: sit back and relax. You can deal with other important matters in the meantime.

Depending on the complexity of your designs and the number of designs, this phase takes 2 to 3 weeks.

The finishing touches

After about three weeks I invite you to come and sit next to me for one or two (mid) days (in real life or online) and we go over the digital samples detail.

And we adjust them on the fly if necessary. With a few mouse clicks:

This way sample adjustments don’t take 3 weeks, but only 30 seconds.

Don’t think this is possible? See how this works for yourself in the demo:

Play Video

Upgrade your samples to product pics

It doesn’t need to stop at prototyping.

Your digital prototypes can be upgraded to life-like product pics: decorative stitching is applied, buttons and zippers are applied and the avatar is dressed including accessories.

The avatar can be put in any position you want and even animations are possible. 

This way you have everything you need for a beautiful digital presentation. For a lookbook, for your webshop or your brand movie.

Below are a couple of examples.

Do you also want to work faster and more efficiently with digital 3d sampling?​

Call or mail me.

Without obligation, you are not committed to anything.

I’m happy to tell you more about the possibilities of digital 3d sampling.

Call or mail me.

Without obligation, you are not committed to anything.

I’m happy to tell you more about the possibilities of digital 3d sampling.
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