street art expressing amount of work with manually drawing patterns instead of digital pattern development

Digital pattern development: The complete production package

Don't like doing all the technical work?

My digital pattern development service will fix that. I translate your sketches into production-ready patterns, including extensive documentation.

Found a nice boutique (your own online boutique perhaps?) that wants to sell your designs?


Now your designs can be produced. But no production without a sewing pattern.

And thus you need to get started with a calculator and ruler. Boring!

Such a hassle, drawing patterns

Roll up your sleeves. It’s not that you don’t know how to draw a pattern. Manually…

Because that software is criminally expensive.


A whole collection? In 6 sizes? And does this also require extensive documentation for each model?

The organization of your studio is suddenly much more important than this boring job. Those pieces of fabric really need to be sorted by color now.

This is not going to work.

So you get stuck

And maybe even if you do have software. Maybe you started in good spirits, but you get stuck on the technical stuff.

But time starts running out.

Go to a production company that can also make the patterns instead?

Hmm, then you outsource a large part of the control and flexibility.

And you are stuck with someone with their own agenda. With a party that specializes in production and not in pattern development. Who might put your small assignment aside for a bigger one.

And what if you want to have it produced somewhere else? Do they want to give you the patterns?

What if you can leave this to an independent expert?

To an expert who understands you and who can think along with you? For whom pattern development is core business?

How nice would it be if you had a partner who:

So that you can focus on your core business, design beautiful clothing.

I have the solution: outsource the digital pattern development

I know someone.

Someone who has been making clothing for almost 40 years, with a technical background and extensive experience with CAD programs and drawing patterns.

Guess who?

Right, me 😉

There is no single design that cannot be flattened in a 2D pattern for me. I can translate everything you design into a digital pattern and I love to take the technical work off your hands.

You can be sure that your small assignment will not be pushed aside for a larger assignment.

And last but definitely not least, I integrate digital 3d prototyping into the pattern development process. This way you can be sure that you get what you had in mind.

This is what others who have worked with me say

Pleasantly surprised

I am pleasantly surprised how beautiful and insightful 3D samples are! What a difference this makes in time and costs compared to making physical samples. Danielle is a pleasure to work with, she understands her profession and thinks along with you.

Kim Heijster

I cannot wait to work with her again

Danielle is so accurate in her work, she thinks out of the box and is so helpful throughout the whole process. I cannot wait to work with her again on a next project.

Lynsey Dikmans

This is how it works: your designs translated into digital patterns in 3 steps

We get to work based on your rough sketches, detailed technical drawing or draped model.

Intake & preparation

Well begun is half done: we start with a thorough analysis of your designs. So that I get a good idea of ​​your designs and we are not faced with surprises later on.

For example, we look at materials, sizes & proportions and technical (im)possibilities.

It does not matter how you deliver your designs, a rough sketch, a detailed technical drawing or a draped model.

I can advise you on:

Digital pattern development

After the analysis, I get to work on the development of the patterns:

If I have any questions in the meantime, I will of course contact you to discuss matters. But otherwise: sit back and relax. You can deal with other important matters in the meantime.

Depending on the complexity of your designs and the number of designs, this phase takes 2 to 3 weeks.

Technical documentation

Good technical documentation is indispensable to keep production running smoothly.

A pattern alone is not enough to make a garment. The production company must also know what material to use, in what color each pattern part must be made, where the pockets should be placed, where the label should be placed, etc. Just to name a few.

That is why each pattern can be provided with a so-called tech pack if you want to.

A tech pack includes:

Ready for production

Now you have a complete package to have your designs produced.

You already know what you your designs will look like in real life and you can directly ask for a pre-production sample. 

I can put you in touch with partners in my network who, in the Netherlands, can do the production for you or who can guide you if you want to have this done abroad.

Do you also want to have more time for more fun things and outsource pattern development?​

Call or mail me.

Without obligation, you are not committed to anything.

I’m happy to tell you more about my digital pattern development service.

Call or mail me.

Without obligation, you are not committed to anything.

I’m happy to tell you more about my digital pattern development service.
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