Digital solutions for busy fashion designers


As an independent designer or small fashion label you want to work smart, efficient and sustainable – without compromising your creativity.

I offer digital solutions for important parts of your creative process and your business operations. As a designer with a technical tic, I understand exactly what you encounter.


The full package to facilitate production


The sustainable way to create prototypes


3d product

The life-like alternative for product pics


sizing & fit

Everything related to sizing, grading and fit

3d prototyping: what you see is what you get

Digital prototypes are not only an sustainable alternative to real samples, digital 3d prototyping also makes the pattern development process faster and more reliable.

That’s why I integrated 3d prototyping by default into the pattern development proces.

In these videos I give you sneek peak how 3d prototyping helps you to make the fashion industry a little less destructive, keep your money in your pocket and shorten your time to market.

Let me say hi.

See how quickly you get an idea of what your design looks in real life. 

See how easy you can play around with colours and prints.

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Pleasantly surprised

I am pleasantly surprised how beautiful and insightful 3D patterns are! What a difference this makes in time and costs compared to making physical samples. Danielle is a pleasure to work with, she understands her profession and thinks along with you.

Kim Heijster

I cannot wait to work with her again

Danielle is so accurate in her work, she thinks out of the box and is so helpful throughout the whole process. I cannot wait to work with her again on a next project.

Lynsey Dikmans

It is my objective to re-shape the traditional fashion manufacturing model by providing you with digital technologies that help you save time, cut costs and increase your brand’s sustainability.

By switching to digital we can make the fashion industry a little bit more sustainable and less destructive. Because it is quite clear by now that the current model doesn’t work anymore.

I’m affiliated with Fashion Made in Holland and Clean & Unique. Two platforms that both strive to change the fashion industry for the better. 


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