Made to measure too much hassle?

Leave the labor-intensive manual work behind and upgrade to tailor-made with remote tailoring

Thinking about offering your designs (also) made to measure, but do you dread the amount of work it brings about?

Or do you already offer tailor-made clothing and are you looking for an alternative to that labor-intensive manual work?

Then read on, there is a solution…

remote tailoring

will save you and your customer a lot of time and hassle. And probably money too.

The process is completely remote and do it yourself. Your customer uploads a scan or pictures and I do the magic. All you have to do is to send a link to your customer and to make sure that the garment is made somehow.

Within a few days you will have a ready-made pattern at your disposal. Digital or on old skool paper. Depending on your wishes and way of working, the output can be customized to your needs. 

With remote tailoring you:

remote tailoring:

the alternative method for tailor-made clothing

Don’t only take my word for it…

…Working with Danielle is really super easy (and a lot of fun). She is very knowledgeable and quickly understands what you want to achieve…

Katja van 't Hof
…Het samenwerken met Danielle gaat echt super makkelijk (en is erg leuk). Ze is zeer vakkundig en begrijpt snel wat je wilt bereiken…

Katja van 't Hof
…Danielle is een plezier om mee samen te werken, ze verstaat haar vak en denkt met je mee…

Kim Heijster
…Danielle is so accurate in her work, she thinks out of the box and is so helpful throughout the whole process. I cannot wait to work with her again on a next project…

Lynsey Dikmans
…Danielle is a pleasure to work with, she understands her profession and thinks along with you…

Kim Heijster
…Danielle is zo accuraat in haar werk, ze denkt out of the box en is zo behulpzaam gedurende het hele proces…

Lynsey Dikmans

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made to measure vs tailor-made

Made to measure, tailor-made, bespoke, off-the-rack: So many words to describe custom made garments.

Especially in Dutch there are no good terms and everything is called made to measure. Which can mean anything from a longer or shorter sleeve to body tailored couture.

I use the terms made to measure and tailor-made and let me explain what they mean to me:

made to measure

A made to measure pattern is adjusted to your customer’s measurements only and the pattern is not tweaked to fit your customer perfectly.


Tailor-made means that the pattern, which is already made to your customer’s measurements, is further tailored to their body.

To do so I make a fitting model is made and during a fitting session I look with an eagle eye where the fitting model needs to be adjusted. 

I cut and paste until the model fits perfectly. Add a little here, take a little there. And if necessary, I make a left and right pattern.

Please note…

There are two important requirements to switch to this digital process. No showstoppers, but you need to be aware of it.

manufacturing process

Your manufacturing process should be equipped for made to order. That means one garment at a time. Realize that this is a totally different approach than ready to wear manufacturing.


Your digital pattern should be constructed in a certain way in Grafis. Of coarse I can make a pattern for you, from scratch or I can convert an existing pattern.


But if you covered the two requirements above, then it is super simple to switch to remote tailoring. Your customers scan their selves with their phone and I do the processing.

The only thing you have to do is to supply your customer with the link to the online app I created and notify me. It is really simple to implement this in your webshop (ask your website developer). If you don’t sell your items through a webshop, you can just send me an email saying “customer x ordered model y”. 

The complete scanning process is explained in the app and I get a notification when your customer has uploaded the scan or pictures.

After that, I get to work and do the magic. Depending on your wishes and way of working, I’ll send you a measurements table, a digital or hard copy pattern within a few days.


Customers with an iPhone need to make a scan of themselves. The scan is processed by a third party and the result is stored in an online environment.

The scan is remodeled into an unrecognizable avatar. The face is replaced with a plain standard face and the skin and clothes are replaced by linen cloth. Only the shape of the body is kept original.

At the moment, the whole measuring process is still under development. Until I’m absolutely sure I have all the measurements I need to create a perfect fit, the avatar and measurements are stored in this online environment for a bit longer. When I know I have all the measurements I need, the data is removed from this online environment.



Customers with an android phone need to make a couple of pictures of themselves. The photos are processed by me with a local app to retrieve the measurements. The avatar is created only with these measurements and not the photos. So the avatar is unrecognizable by default.

Once I have the measurements and avatar, the photos are deleted.

Leave the labor-intensive manual work behind and upgrade your designs to tailor-made

Are you an emerging designer without a clue where to start producing your designs ?

Then I have something for you