Sizing, Grading & Fit


Although it is impossible to get ready to wear clothing to fit everyone perfectly, there are several practices to achieve the best fit possible.

I offer several sizing and fit related products and services. From size charts optimized for your target audience to tailor-made solutions. And you might be surprised about that last option.


The best size charts for your target group


fit improvement

One on one advice about how to improve fit



The new method for tailor-made clothing

The importance of a good fit

The number one reason to return clothing is a bad fit. Obviously, returns are never good for business. Not only financially, but also, an unsatisfied client usually doesn’t return to your shop.

And did you know that a good fit does (subconsciously) much more for customer satisfaction than color, material or style? 

A good fit is not only about numbers. It is also about knowing your target group and being consistent. In these blogs I tell you all about sizing, grading and fit. See what measures you can take to create happy customers, no matter what size they wear.

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The purpose of stretch is to increase comfort,
not to create a "one size fits all"