clueless about where to start producing your designs?

Let me take care of the technical stuff and guide you through the manufacturing process

Getting your garments made can be overwhelming, especially if it is your first time. It takes way more than just handing over a sketch to the manufacturer. And many before you have stumbled over this and given up.

But the

sjoon pekske plan

has you covered. 

This plan guides you through the process from sketch to sample. It doesn’t only take care of the the technical stuff, but will also prepare you for the whole manufacturing process.

With this plan you:

Sjoon Pekske:

Sjoon Pekske means so much as “nice outfit” in local dialect

The complete package to facilitate production

I translate your design into a production-ready pattern and tech pack. Digital sampling is standard part of the process, so you know what your design will look like in real life before you send you production order to the factory.

You will receive all the advice you need (about manufacturing your designs, I’m not a life or business coach ;-)) and some fancy digital product pictures.

you get:

advice & analysis

Well begun is half done: we start with a thorough analysis of your design. For example, we look at materials, sizes & proportions and technical (im)possibilities.

It does not matter how you deliver your designs, a rough sketch, a detailed technical drawing or a draped model.

I’ll guide you through the whole process until you’re ready to place your order.

reference material

I am writing a number of e-books on all the (technical) things involved in manufacturing. Things like sizing & fit, garment construction and reviewing a sample.

You get access to all the Sjoen Pekske e-books and you are welcome to follow the workshop.

pattern development

After the analysis I get to work on the development of the pattern. For this I use accurate size charts and tested basic blocks.

If the digital sample has been approved, the pattern pieces are finalized and graded in the desired size range.

After the real life sample is reviewed there will be one round of pattern adjustments if necessary.

digital sample

After the first setup of the pattern we sit together and review your design in 3d and make changes if necessary.

To make this digital sample true to life, I digitalize the actual fabrics you will use. Decorative stitching, buttons and zippers are applied and the avatar is dressed including accessories.


Good technical documentation is essential to keep production running smoothly.

A pattern alone is not enough to make a garment. You also need to provide info about materials, stitching, construction, colors, etc. You don’t want your manufacturer to guess what you want. 

That is why each pattern is provided with a tech pack.

sample review session

Although I don’t make real life samples, I do help you with the review session.

During this session we look at how the sample is made, we check the dimensions and optionally, we look at how it fits on a real model.

If necessary, the pattern is adjusted based on the outcome of this review.


Your pattern pieces will be plotted onto cardboard for longevity. Or if your manufacturer uses a cutting plotter then you get digital cutting files instead.

You will also get several pictures of the digital sample. The options are almost limitless. Together we’ll make sure you have everything you need for a beautiful digital presentation.


the complete package to facilitate production


additional design


The given price is for one design with an average complexity, like a jeans or a standard blouse. On a less complex design you get a discount that can be up to 30%. On a more complex design I charge a surcharge, also up to 30%.

Production is out of my scope. That also means that I don’t make a real life sample. But I won’t let you dangle and guide you through the process. I can put you in touch with manufacturers in the Netherlands or professionals who can guide you if you want to have this done abroad. 

All prices are exclusive of vat and any shipping costs.

getting your garments made without losing your money, your time or your mind starts here

Are you an emerging designer without a clue where to start producing your designs ?

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