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The Dutch Textile Workshop: development pattern sheets

For The Dutch Textile workshop I developed several pattern sheets.

This means scanning the hand drawn pattern pieces and convert the scans to a digital pattern. Next the markers are placed and the pattern is graded to different sizes.

After that, the actual sheet is created with all the additional text and info.

The pattern sheet can be plotted as one A0 sheet or printed as several A4 sheets.

Working with Danielle is really super easy (and a lot of fun). She is very knowledgeable and quickly understands what you want to achieve.

She does what she says and says what she does and especially that is incredibly important to me in a collaboration. We just finished the first product and I am super satisfied with the result. The end result is a good looking and very professional product. Worthy for the global market.

Katja van 't Hof

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