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Why do you need a techpack?

Getting your garments made takes more than just handing over a sketch to the manufacturer. You need to give them something more to work with. 

This blog tells you why the lack of proper documentation can costs you a lot of time, money and frustration.

A tech pack (short for technical package) is an informative document that tells people what your garment looks like and how it should be made. It is the blueprint of your design.

It is used to communicate with all the different parties during the manufacturing process. I give you 3 important reasons why a tech pack is indispensable. 

Depending on the development process you follow,  ‘the manufacturer’ can also be the pattern maker, the garment technician or the sample maker.

To get what you want

design: Whatever 21 – Double Puff Coat 

Of coarse, this example is exaggerated (this is the design actually), but a manufacturer needs to know in detail what your garment looks like and how it should be made.

Just a pattern is not enough. You must also provide a clear description of where to place the pockets exactly, what kind of fabric to use for which part and which buttons to apply to name a few.

If you do not specifically mention things like this, then the manufacturer has to guess (or they just don’t take your order). And you know what they say…

Assumption is the mother of all fuck-ups

Casey Ryback

To get a quotation

I often get the question what it costs to develop a pattern. My standard answer is that this totally depends on what your design looks like. The more complex your design is, the higher the costs. And this is exactly the same for manufacturing your design.

A manufacturer needs to have an idea what needs to be done to be able to make you a quotation. The number of parts, the complexity of the design and the level of finish are some aspects that determine the production costs.

You can imagine that it is very hard to give you a realistic quotation if this is not clear. If you get a quotation at all, it will probably not be in your favor.

To avoid discussions

Remember that a manufacturer needs to make money too and their objective is to produce as much as possible in the shortest amount of time. I am not saying that they are cutting corners and out to get you, but if you don’t give them clear instructions they will do whatever is most beneficial for them.

For example, your garment might be finished with an overlock stitch instead of a French seam as you intended. Or they might use a different (read cheaper) fabric. And who do your customers complain to?

If you haven’t clearly set this out on paper, I don’t think that a manufacturer is going to change it for free afterwards.

Tech pack

Download an example of a tech pack

Don't let cheap become expensive

Skipping the tech pack might give you a lower price in the beginning, but the costs to repair the fuck-ups will be much higher.

In short, without a tech pack, chances are sky high that there will be big surprises at the end. Whether you’re surprised with the end product or the invoice, don’t say I didn’t warn you!

Need a tech pack?

Although the blog “What is a tech pack” might scare you off from creating one, please don’t. The lack of proper documentation can costs you a lot of time, money and frustration. 

If you need a tech pack and don’t feel like creating one yourself, I can do that for you. Writing technical documentation has been the red thread throughout my technical career and I’m not scared by the amount of work.

Please note that this service is only provided in combination with pattern development. Don’t hesitate to contact me for more information.

What is a tech pack?

Read this to find out what kind of indispensable information a tech pack contains.

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