what I do...

I support you with digital technologies that help you save time, cut costs and increase your brand’s sustainability.

I take the time consuming technical matters like creating patterns, tech packs and samples from your hands so that you can spend time on your core business again.

sjoon pekske

Sjoon Pekske is specially developed for small independent designers and labels who are determined to make a success of their own designs but lack the technical knowledge to make this happen.

Follow a workshop, get the e-books or go for the full-service plan and manage the production process with confidence.

pattern development

Hand over the boring part to an expert and focus on what you do best, designing beautiful clothes.

digital sampling

Speed up your time to market, save your money and set huge sustainable steps with digital samples.

remote tailoring

Offer your customers the luxury of tailor-made but leave the labor-intensive manual work behind.

advice & training

Increase your skills with a hands-on training or follow an online course in your own time and pace.

getting your garments made without losing your money, your time or your mind starts here

Are you an emerging designer without a clue where to start producing your designs ?

Then I have something for you